New places to explore. New perspectives to enjoy.

Charming side streets. One-of-a-kind eateries. An urban oasis. From the people to the places and everything in-between, diversity is alive and well in Meridian Hill. This rich diversity weaves together a distinct personality, vibe, and soul that enables all walks of life to feel right at home.

In this town, it pays to be connected. And Meridian Hill is quite the connector. Tying together Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights and U Street, âme is at the heart of it all and a stone’s throw from DC’s music scene, grand nightlife and shopping extravaganzas.

No car? No problem. You’re in the middle of a mass transit mecca. From two Metro stops to the bevy of Metro and Circulator buses, getting from A to B is a breeze.

New eateries, shops, nightlife and more. Ready to find a new favorite?