Take a DIY Approach to Your Halloween Costume at Meeps

Halloween is just around the corner! What are you wearing to all those parties? It’s been awhile since we’ve celebrated this holiday together, so make sure that your costume is fit for the occasion. One place you can hit up to find the perfect Halloween costume is Meeps! This local vintage and consignment shop has lots of clothes and accessories so you can piece together your own costume, and most finds are good as new. Because honestly, who really wants to wear the same costume twice?

A few ideas you can try to piece together with vintage finds include a ’50s-style sockhop outfit straight out of Grease with a string of pearls, eclectic glasses, and an epic poodle skirt. Or maybe you’d rather masquerade as an army general with all the camo print one can don. A Grecian goddess with a flowing dress and chunky gold jewelry more your style? You’ll be in the right place to put an ensemble together!

If you shop early enough before Halloween, they may even have costumes to browse. It depends on the year, but check it out and see what gems you can dig up to celebrate in style!