Lengthen and Strengthen at Quantum Pilates

When your interest in pilates is first sparked, there are many different motivations that might fuel it. Whichever it is for you—or whatever combinations of reasons you have for seeking out a pilates practice, Quantum Pilates can help you reach your goals. With daily classes, you can work with Quantum’s experienced instructors to bring your body to a place that’s happier and healthier than ever before. 

Perhaps you want to become stronger. Used alongside more conventional strength training methods, like heavy weightlifting, you’ll grow a little bit stronger with each class, especially in and around your core. Or, maybe you’re recovering from an injury. Pilates offers an especially flexible physical therapy option, and Quantum’s classes are no exception. 

Maybe you’re working to become more flexible. A regular pilates practice can help you grow more supple, increasing your overall mobility. You might simply want to connect your mind and body in a safe, relaxing environment—yoga might be the first fitness option that comes to mind, but pilates, too, can help you think more mindfully and focus more intently.