Don’t Miss a Visit to The National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden

Whether you want to stretch your at-home education efforts out a bit longer or you simply want to add a bit of culture to your plans for this summer, a visit to The National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden is an unmissable activity.

For many, the art itself is what draws you in. Pieces like Barry Flanagan’s Thinker on a Rock and Scott Burton’s Six-Part Seating force you to contemplate your surroundings. What does this particular piece symbolize? How does it relate to its natural surroundings? What does it say about the city, or society at large?

Even if you aren’t an art aficionado, you can enjoy a visit to the Sculpture Garden. The artwork is showcased amidst a beautiful natural setting that’s quintessentially DC, with eye-catching trees and wide open green spaces. Whether you’re taking in the sculptures or you’re simply relaxing in the fresh air and sunshine, it’s next to impossible to not enjoy your visit.