What’s Your Go-To Brew at Dacha Beer Garden?

When someone starts talking about their favorite brews, what comes to mind for you? For some people, it will be their go-to raspberry ale or pilsner. But, for others, it’s a hot coffee or cold brew. In either case, Dacha Beer Garden and Dacha Café have plenty to offer.

At Dacha Beer Garden, you’ll find drafts, cocktails, and wines waiting for you to try, no matter what your preference. Want a pint of True Helles Lager? They’ve got it. Prefer a Prosecco Più-Fizz? You’ll find that here, too. If you’d prefer not to drink on an empty stomach, you’ll find plenty of food items to satisfy you as you sip your brew. from a chicken schnitzel sandwich to rib eye skewers, there’s sure to be something that suits your fancy. 

And, if the beer garden experience isn’t a good fit for your plans, you can take advantage of Dacha Café for your food and drinks of choice. Enjoy a sausage egg and cheese wrap and cup of coffee for breakfast or a veggie croque and sea salt fries for lunch. If you’re really enjoying all Dacha has to offer, you could even try both locations in one exciting day!