There’s Something for Everyone on the Menus at Ghostline

If you and your friends (or significant other) always have trouble deciding where to eat out, Ghostline is the remedy to your dining dilemmas. Ghostline is a collective of top chefs bringing their best dishes to one communal eating experience. You can choose to enjoy curry rice and steamed buns from Ramen by Uzu while your companion dines on a fried chicken sandwich from Queen Mother’s. Ghostline also features Tokri Indian cuisine, coffee and pastry from Ghost Dog Egg Man, and pizza from Little Beast. Dessert anyone? You have your choice of Red Velvet Cupcakery or Glover Park Ice Cream and Milkshakes. Ghostline didn’t forget the libations either, and offers mixologist-made drinks and locally brewed beers out of one centrally located bar. 

This new conceptual way of dining is sure to be a winner for folks who love variety or have hard-to-please mates. Visit the Ghostline website to preview the menus, and to see the operating hours for each of the eateries onsite.