Restock Your Apartment at Kitchen at Whole Foods Florida Avenue

If you’re not the kind of person who loves spending time in the kitchen, cooking and other homemaking efforts can be difficult, not to mention intimidating. What’s a busy person to do if they want to make healthy food choices without the effort? Thanks to their newly opened Florida Avenue store, the answer is simpler than ever: head to Whole Foods

Of course, Whole Foods is ready to help you find everything on your grocery list once you have it. But a lesser-known benefit of the chain actually lies on their website, where they feature a section of tips and ideas to help you make better choices, with guides and how-tos, recipes, and other resources to get you more comfortable in both the kitchen and the grocery aisles. Short of the food being cooked for you, it couldn’t be easier: just visit the website, pick out your favorite ideas, then head to the store for everything you need to bring them to life.