Order Sweet and Savor Crepes at Crepeaway

Everyone knows that crepes are a popular breakfast choice (often stuffed with fresh fruit and drizzled with syrup), as well as a decadent dessert option (filled with goodies like chocolate chips, caramel, and whipped cream). But regulars at the popular DC restaurant Crepeaway say you shouldn’t forget that crepes can also be a great sandwich substitute when you’re on the hunt for a hearty, savory meal. Trade your Caesar wrap for a Caesar crepe, stuffed with grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, and Caesar dressing), or substitute a crepe filled with black beans, salsa, cheddar, and jalapenos for your typical lunchtime burrito. Best of all, you don’t even need to choose between sweet and savory: simply order both and treat yourself two a two-course meal that includes an entree and dessert. Crepeaway has an easy online ordering system that allows you to specify whether you want delivery or takeaway, and to schedule a specific time for your meal to be ready.