Federalist Pig Serves Up a Taste of the South in DC

Federalist Pig is a traditional Southern barbecue joint that’s not afraid to break with tradition. What does this mean for customers? It means you’ll find slow-smoked brisket alongside spicy fried chicken with sticky garlic sauce, and the menu features traditional pulled pork as well as crispy pork belly club sandwiches. Whatever you choose, you can expect it to be tasty, as this place has a reputation for serving up some of the best barbecue in the region. Be aware, however, that Federalist Pig makes a limited amount of barbecue each day, and closes when it’s sold out. Regulars know this means it’s better to plan on eating (or at least ordering) a little earlier in the day to ensure you get your meal before supplies are gone. Delivery and contactless pickup are both available–just place your order online and choose the option you prefer.