History Meets Recreation at Meridian Hill Park

It sure would be nice to take a little getaway, especially now. And while that’s not possible, the next best thing is at Meridian Hill Park. This gorgeously designed and landscaped park is designed to model a fine Italian garden, and with a bit of imagination, you really feel transported. Between the expertly groomed trees and 13-basin fountain, Meridian Hill Park is a beautiful place to stroll and get a breath of fresh air. The park also features a Dante and Joan of Arc statue made of a revolutionary concrete aggregate, and the James Buchanan Memorial, a few things that really should be on your ‘must-see’ lists of DC landmarks. In fact, the Joan of Arc Statue is the only equestrian statue of a woman in DC (talk about a fun fact for your next trivia night). 

Meridian Hill Park is open during daylight hours, and is free to the public. Be sure to read up on the history of the land before you go, and please observe the social distancing requirements.