Rediscover the Exhibits at the Newly Reopened International Spy Museum

Many of the most popular characters in popular culture over the last 40 years have been spies, private investigators, and double agents. This ongoing cultural fascination with spies is one of the reasons why locals are so excited about the opening of the International Spy Museum’s new location, which is now open. 

The museum covers the investigative technology and techniques of fictional figures like James Bond, as well as the history and heroism of real life intelligence agents, starting from the agents dispatched by George Washington and running up to the present day. The new building, with over 140,000 square feet of space, can house more artifacts and engage more visitors with immersive and interactive exhibits. Some of the highlights include the “Undercover Mission” experience, the profiles of historical spies, and an interactive Red Team simulation. 

Discounted tickets are available for children from 7-12, senior citizens, and members of the military. Kids under 7 enter for free.