Have You Tried the PB&J at Queen’s English?

Want to try something different tonight? Grab a seat at Queen’s English, on 11th Street Northwest. This Hong Kong-style cafe, which opened in April, is a new kind of cocktail bar experience in DC. Queen’s English is the brainchild of chef-owners Henji Cheung and Sarah Thompson, who have refined their chops at some of New York City’s best restaurants. Now, they’re offering modern Hong Kong cuisine paired with a dazzling selection of intriguing cocktails, along with carefully curated beer, cider, and wine lists. 

The Happy Valley, made with rye, sour plum, lemons, and limes, sounds like the flavor of the summer. The food sounds equally inventive. Selections like sizzling asparagus, served with crab and roe, and salt and pepper blowfish, served with goji berry and coriander, are just the tip of the iceberg. The pb&j is no lunchroom sandwich; instead, it’s a pairing of peanut, bacon, and jellyfish. The twice-cooked lamb rib also looks tempting, as do the daikon fritters, made with pork sung, garlic mayo, and oyster sauce. Keep an eye out for their hot pot service, which should be unveiled soon.