Have You Had a Chance to Eat at Astoria DC Yet?

New restaurant Astoria DC has a fun take on family-style dining, and it’s as easy as simple multiplication. All cocktails and dishes are a flat $14. They recommend one dish as a snack, two for a meal, or three if you’re really hungry. But don’t just order for yourself. Embrace what makes family-style dining so interactive and gather up a few friends to order as many of their delicious Sichuan dishes as you can. Then you won’t have to decide between dan dan noodles, chili wontons, chimichurri ribeye, or pork fried rice. You can have it all! 

When it comes to the drinks, the cocktail menu is short and sweet. Just seven simple drinks like the caipirinha, daquiri, and old fashioned, but with lots of possibilities when you choose your own liquor or mix-ins. Astoria DC is a long hallway of a restaurant. The curved ceiling and long bar make you feel like you’re dining in a train car. But the refurbished interiors and sleek décor are intimate and cool for a cozy meal. There is limited seating, so make reservations before you visit.